National Headquarters

Philippine GUARDIANS Brotherhood, Incorporated

SEC Registry Nr A200008885
Kawit, Cavite, Philippines

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  SEC Registry Nr A200008885  

Who We Are?

The Philippine GUARDIANS Brotherhood, Incorporated (PGBI), is a non-stock and non-sectarian organization. The core and main objective of the Organization is to unite, develop and maintain camaraderie among its members in order to better and more effectively address matters of their common interests and concerns, and with the view of achieving sustainable development for the Filipino communities as a non-government organization dedicated for the pursuit of peace and prosperity for all Filipinos.

The new and unifying organization holds aloft the motto: “Brotherhood for peace, integrity, justice, equality, service and prosperity”.

The Articles of Incorporation and Constitution & By-laws of the organization was discussed, approved and was formally registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission on June 26, 2000 under SEC Registration NrA200008885.


The objectives of the organization shall be as follows:


  1. To undertake activities that develop the core values of love of God, patriotism, integrity and selfless service to people especially those who have less in life;
  2. To practice and propagate the values of healthy family life, respect for women and the sanctity of marriage, respect for the elderly and care for the young;
  3. To initiate and support social justice campaigns and measures in pursuit of our vision of a truly free, peaceful and prosperous society;
  4. To observe and advance basic human rights, practice democracy and respect the duly-constituted authorities;
  5. To promote good and harmonious relationship, unity and cooperation between and among the members for mutual support and benefit;
  6. To undertake activities for the development of members and the organization as a whole;
  7. To generate resources for the organization and its activities; and
  8. To extend financial, legal, and other appropriate forms of assistance to the members of the organization and to the immediate members of their families.