National Headquarters

Philippine GUARDIANS Brotherhood, Incorporated

SEC Registry Nr A200008885
Kawit, Cavite, Philippines

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  SEC Registry Nr A200008885  

How To Be A PGBI Guardians

Becoming a PGBI Guardians

A PGBI GUARDIANS is only as good as the men who call it home. As our members move out into the world, we must replenish our ranks with the best candidates possible. If you would like to share in an experience that will challenge your definitions of success, loyalty and brotherhood, we would like to hear from you. The PGBI GUARDIANS experience begins the first time you express your interest in joining our organization. We encourage you to START NOW . . .

Application for membership shall be made in writing in an official form provided for the purpose. An applicant shall only be considered as a bona fide member after having passed the five (5) stages of membership, namely: (a) Application; (b) Background Investigation; (c) Presentation of Applicants; (d) Indoctrination Seminar/Lecture, and (e) Recognition.

  • 1. Application - An applicant shall accomplish an official application form duly indorsed by any bona fide member, known as sponsor, of the organization which shall be submitted to the Screening Committee of the local chapter for examination and approval;
  • 2. Background Investigation – No one shall be admitted in the organization unless his/her background has been thoroughly known and investigated to ensure that he/she will not be a liability or source of embarrassment in the future. As part of the investigation, an applicant is required to present a police clearance from his/her place of residence;
  • 3. Presentation of Applicants – An applicant who have passed the first two (2) stages of membership must be presented to all members during a scheduled monthly meeting. In this stage, the applicant must state his/her personal circumstances and the reasons for joining the organization. An objection from the members will automatically disqualify the applicant but the objection must be justified and approved by the members present. If there is no objection, the applicant must be immediately scheduled for seminar or lecture;
  • 4. Indoctrination Seminar or Lecture – Applicants whose application forms shall have been approved shall undergo an indoctrination or Basic Orientation Seminar or lecture on the objectives, aspirations and ideals of the organization;
  • 5. Recognition – In this stage, it has been the practice of the Organization to adopt certain customs and traditions by which it sets itself from other organizations and giving the members one sense of belongingness and identity essential to the progress and success of the organization.

This is the transformation stage where he/she will be converted into a better person, but in addition to his/her normal life, profession or occupation, he/she now belongs to a group with a real and tangible purpose for the good of his/her country, fellowmen, family and himself/herself.

Our Chapter Membership Process

(PGBI CBL Art.III, Sec 1 & 2)
Those who at the time of the adoption of this Constitution and By-Laws are incumbent members of the DIABLO Squad Crime Busters (DSCB), Guardians Brotherhood, Inc. (GBI), Guardians Centre Foundation, Inc. (GCFI), MAGIC Group and all other GUARDIANS factions who will be admitted pursuant to the provisions of this constitution and By-Laws;

Those who are hereafter admitted as members of the Organization in accordance with this Constitution and By-Laws.



A citizen of the Philippines who is of good standing in the community is eligible for membership provided he/she shall qualify and pass the organization’s screening and testing procedure after an application made in writing is given due course.


The organization shall determine the qualifications of an applicant for membership after or during his/her membership as PGBI AUXILLIARY. Among others, the age requirement for MAGIC Group is at least twenty one (21) years of age.

At Philippine GUARDIANS Brotherhood, Incorporated (PGBI), we strive to be the best we can. PGBI are therefore committed to his chapter members to help them to fulfill its goals. We follow a program which promotes gentleman ship manner, athletic and social achievement, along with a strong feeling of pride and unity.


PGBI are looking for the brightest, strongest, and most responsible young men to share the wealth of our organization. Of the many things you will enjoy as a member here, is the opportunity to further develop:

  • Leadership Skills - Become an officer and learn to deal with diverse genre of people. Becoming a leader in the PGBI GUARDIANS movement involves the ability to lead people that are your age or older and may or may not be like you. Handling a diverse motivational model and succeeding is a skill that any Guardians will need to be a successful officer.
  • Gentlemanly Conduct- Perhaps chivalry is dead in every other part of the world, but not here. We believe that no excuse exists for poor conduct in the presence of others. Do you rise to shake hands? Stand when a woman enters the room? Know that turning your fork tines down is a sign that your meal is not yet finished? You will.

Re-Academic Success- We expect our members to have an academic wisdom, however, brothers are always available to help each other succeed in their undergraduate endeavors. We may conduct brotherly tutoring at request.

Athletics – Guardians is not a social-athletic club, but every man appreciates physical fitness and good competition that regular athletic participation commands.

Social Skills - The ability to network is as imperative in the job market as it is in every social arena. Learning how to better communicate with women / or prospective colleagues is a skill set that requires practice every day.

     The aforementioned are traits that we can help to develop, however, if no skill in the above areas exists; perhaps a different organization may better suit you. Guardians’ life at PGBI is not for everyone; however, if you feel you are willing to take on the challenge to reap the ultimate reward, let us know who you are.